Take a walk, bike ride, or drive along Willamette Falls Drive and you will see the beautiful setting of trees, planter boxes, and stunning visuals of our beautiful community in West Linn. It’s our Main Street and we call it Historic Willamette.

As we begin the re-design of Willamette Falls Dr. we want to preserve the beauty and history of our beautiful trees, shrubs and plants.

Historic Willamette is hosting our TREE FOR ALL! (and all the other plantings too) event by saving part of Willamette, one tree or plant at a time.

In coordination with the Streetscape update some of the smaller trees and landscaping in the planters will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Digging in only the planters between 11th & 14th. YOU, our community, can replant a part of history in your own yard. Digging and pick up of tree will happen on Saturday, November 16, 2019 9am- 12 noon

We have planned with the city to be able to dig up the Coral Bark Maples in the planters. Again make sure you only dig in the planters between 11th and 14th. They will use their heavy equipment to dig up the tree you want and you can then take it away on the same morning. Be sure to plan ahead and be able to transport the trees and get them in the ground immediately. You can also come and transplant the flowers, shrubs, bulbs etc from the planters to your home. This is a wonderful way to save a tree and bring a little bit of Willamette Falls Drive greenery to your home.

Here are the specific instructions to ensure that you get the tree you would like:

1.Please put your name on a tag on the tree you want.

2. Email Jody Carson so she can coordinate the digging logistics. jodycarson@comcast.net

3. Be ready with a vehicle to haul away your tree once logistics are established with Jody Carson.

4. Take a picture and email your planted tree to historicwillamette@gmail.com and by sending us a picture you also give us permission to share on our website and social media platforms.

What a gift our community is being given in preserving our trees and plants.

Very Truly Yours,

Historic Willamette Design Team

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